James C. Stewart

G'day from a New Zealand actor now living in Seattle! A dual United States and NZ citizen with a great New Zealand accent. Bringing Kiwi to the US!

I'm Okay... is now online!

"Quirky and memorable with a hilarious performance from the lead" - One-Reeler Short Film Competition

I'm Okay... was finally released online for the world to see. To visit the video page itself, you can go to https://youtu.be/5A9ZzYkeKIk. Please feel free to share the video anywhere and with anyone. For more information on the film, check out the official website at https://www.im-okay-film.com/. All the Jameses would love the attention, as would Kiwi & Woolly - not to mention Red, who is already preparing his Oscar speech!

Latest News:

Baggage Claim, directed by Angela DiMarco, and edited by David Hogan for Mighty Tripod Productions in lightning speed, was completed. It is such a fun little film. Josh and I had a blast shooting it, as is evident by some of the little improv scenes included at the end of the short. A fun little comedy, with a dash of sci-fi!

Angela DiMarco and David Hogan of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio reached out asking if I would be available to play a role in a short film Angela had co-written with one of her students, Joshua. They wanted to shoot the film so that Josh would have some good footage for a reel. Playing Uncle Pete to Josh's Axel ended up being an unbelievable amount of fun. The script is so cute, and very funny. Got to improvise a little as well, and can't wait to see the final cut. I had such a blast!

This arrived in the mail. I couldn't resist getting a trophy when the Cannes Shorts Film Festival offered. I figured it would be nice to commemorate my first ever official Best Actor award. Not to mention, it is fun being able to say I won the award from a festival in Cannes. The reception to I'm Okay... really has been absolutely amazing!

I'm Okay... won two awards in the Best Actor & Director Awards - New York. I won a Silver Award in the Best Actor in a Comedy category, and I also won a Bronze Award in the Best 1st Time Director category! Was thrilled to win awards from my previous home base.

After a long break, I finally got myself back into acting classes, with the wonderful local company Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, run by the amazing Angela DiMarco and David Hogan. I have so far done their Auditioning For The Camera, and Self-Tape Academy classes. I am really enjoying working with them, and learning from them! Also did an Acting For Commercials workshop with Rachel Paulson through them, which was a fantastic learning experience!

I'm Okay... won another award!It received a Special Mention Award in the One-Reeler Short Film Competition. Not only that! One of the judges for the competition gave us a great quote: "Quirky and memorable with a hilarious performance from the lead"

I'm Okay... finally had its first festival screenings as an official selection in the FlickFair On-Demand Film Festival! You could view The Jameses' film (or Red's film, if you ask him!) throughout the month of November. It was great to be selected and have a full month of online festival screenings available!

Since I'm Okay... had actual online screenings in the FlickFair On-Demand Film Festival, I decided it was time to try my hand at building a website from scratch for the film, to help increase its online presence. And so https://www.im-okay-film.com/ was born. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and as well as Kiwi & Woolly having their own page, so has Red, who is actually also in the film!

After seeing the film listed as an award winner on the Best Shorts Competition website, the FlickFair On-Demand Film Festival invited I'm Okay... as an official selection for their festival, so I'm Okay... had some screenings online in November!

Had a great time shooting a role in my first short film in Seattle since Return To Sender, This new film is about a BBQ party with a twist, and I was asked to do the role by my fellow cast mate from Return To Sender, Tyler Roy Roberts. It was great getting to work with him again, in this BBQ party that gets crazy! Plus the director, Ty Minton-Small, I remember auditioning for five years ago , so it was great to get the chance to work with him too. Not to mention, I was the grill master at the BBQ, or at least I thought I was! Will keep you posted on where and when you will be able to see it!

My wonderful friend Natasya Yusoff came up with this fantastic poster for I'm Okay... that nicely captures the film's craziness. I really did have a lot of fun playing around with some of the many personalities of James C. Stewart! Plus, Thomas Thorogood, who composed the music for Time Saver, has agreed to do the music for I'm Okay... which I am very excited about, as his music really added to the tension in Time Saver!

Decided what better time to get much needed new headshots, than while I was down in New Zealand! Several people referred me to the wonderful Lara Macgregor, and I cannot recommend her enough - she was fantastic, and I am super happy with the results. I finally have more than just the two headshots that I can use! Plus they were all taken outdoors at the Arts Centre here in my hometown Christchurch - a place I absolutely love, which just added to the whole experience! If you're in NZ and need new headshots, click here to check out Lara, and message her for a booking! Click here to check out the rest of the images on my Headshots page!

I have come back to New Zealand for a few months, to be with my Dad while he goes through chemotherapy treatments. During my two weeks of manged isolation, I recorded a short film for a little distraction to pass the time, and document the effects isolation has on someone in a fun way. It is currently being edited, and worked on for potential festival submissions, after my coach at the Online Acting Ensemble liked it so much, they offered to produce it. Watch this space for more details!

My face is in a book again! This time looking very green. The wonderful photographer John Keatley has released a book of his Uniform series, where he explores identity by giving a human face to green army men toys. This is also being accompanied by exhibitions of the series in Seattle and Los Angeles!

I'm Okay... won an Honorable Mention Award in the Seattle Film Summit! It was so great to win an award in one of the local festivals in my current hometown. Plus. they had a virtual showcase for all the award winners, so we all had one day in September, me on the 15th, when our films were screening on their website all day for their festival audience to see. PLUS! My acting agent also asked me to be involved in some table reads for some script excerpts at the Summit, so I got to bring characters to life for four different scripts as well!

Angela DiMarco of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio introduced me to local film-maker Joshua Woodcock after a performance of Mrs. Caliban at Book-It Repertory, in which she was playing the role of Estelle. In true Mama DiMarco fashion, she introduced me and Miki Murray (another Mighty Tripod acting student who was also at the performance) to Josh, as Angela loves to connect creatives. Josh was casting a short film that he had recently finished writing. Soon after, he reached out to Miki and I to play roles in his short Oh Sh!t. It was so great to get back to shooting a role in a film! I play an Uber Driver who picks up the main character, played by Miki.

I won Best Actor for I'm Okay... in the Cannes Shorts Film Festival!!! While it is not THE Cannes, it is very nice to be able to say I won a Best Actor award in a festival based in Cannes!

I have continued taking classes with Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, Did a Co-Star workshop with Sean Cook through them. Followed that up with their Scene Study class. I have found a couple of good scenes I can use, and a great monologue while doing their classes. Plus I have already got film work through them, so taking these classes has been the best decision I've made lately in regards to my creative career!

I'm Okay... was nominated for two awards in the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in London. The film ended up in the top 10 for the Best Lockdown Film category, and in the top 20 for the Best Comedy category! It was nice to add the United Kingdom to the festival list.

I'm Okay... was a semi-finalist in the Seattle Movie Awards. Very happy the film was considered by the local movie awards in my current home.

I'm Okay... won another award! This time it is a Special Mention Award from the Global Shorts International Short Film Competition. This was from another direct contact from the festival, asking to include I'm Okay... in the competition. The Jameses are thrilled with the response to their very uncomplicated, comic little film.

I'm Okay... was selected as a semi-finalist in the September round of the Vancouver Independent Film Festival.

I'm Okay... won two awards in the Best Shorts Competition. The film won an Award of Recognition in the Film Short Category, and I won an Award of Merit in the Actor: Leading category! It was super exciting for I'm Okay... to receive its first festival awards!

Editing on I'm Okay... is finally completed! Huge thanks to Will Earl for all the amazing work he did with the opening and closing sequences of the film. I also really love the music that London based composer Thomas Thorogood put together specifically for my film. My friend Natasya Yusoff also did some landscape versions of the poster, for those future video thumbnails. Plus I got a great logo and animation made by BuzzFlick for Kiwi & Woolly Productions, the name I decided to use, in honor of those two characters in I'm Okay... So while I cannot show you the film at the moment, I can show you the little animation and logo that was created and designed for the film! The animation also features Kiwi and Woolly providing the voiceover. Check it out below! Have started submitting to film festivals, including New Zealand's Show Me Shorts film festival. Excited! Watch this space for more details!

While I was in New Zealand, I volunteered to be a part of one of the teams for the 48 Hours Film Festival. We got sci-fi for our genre, and the result was Time Saver. I had an amazing time working on my first film shoot in Christchurch since before I stopped living there in 1999! Plus, we got second in the audience favorites for our heat! Will post the film soon. They did an awesome job with the cinematography and design, which resulted in the film being nominated for two awards! Click here to watch the film.

Super happy to announce that Hanna at HvR Actor Management has agreed to take me on to her agency's books, to represent me in New Zealand whenever I am down there. Would love to act in NZ again!

Editing continues on my short film, which has been titled I'm Okay... with an opening sequence currently being worked on by the great editors at BDP Entertainment. It has been an amazing experience so far for my film making debut, featuring some of the many personalities of James C. Stewart! Here's the synopsis I've come up with so far for the film: What happens when you are isolated in a hotel room for two weeks by yourself? James is about to find out! He might think he is okay, but his other personalities have a little something to say about that.

Finally decided it was time to get myself back into some acting, in this time of no in person classes, after having taken a little break from it all. I wanted to find somewhere that offers online classes, that likes to work with people from all over the States (and the world), and found L.A. based company Hollywood Backdoor Alliance were starting up the Online Acting Ensemble, so auditioned and got myself a spot in the ensemble. Now we meet online once a week to work on our craft, working on monologues and scenes, as well as the business of acting!

After two years of having a beard, I decided to shave and try out having bright purple hair for the first time ever, just before heading down to the Nevada desert for Burning Man. Check out what the desert sun and temperatures did to the color on my Miscellaneous page! And check out my bearded headshots on my Headshots page!