Something Real

Something Real was a photo shoot done as part of a personal project for French photographer Romain Laurent. The second image in this series, which has become known as "Bubblehead", has since been featured in Crazy Photography by Diane Routex and as a Photo of the Month in an edition of The Red Bulletin magazine. It was also selected by the Théâtre de Cornouaille in Quimper, France to promote their 2012-2013 season. Keeping with the French theme, if you happen to read French there is an online version of Crazy Photography by Diane Routex, completely in French with my Bubblehead on page 38 ..... and page 39!

When My Modern Met asked Romain Laurent about the series, he said: It's a feeling. It illustrates a moment in someone's life, when this person feels disconnected from the reality while being part of it, and suddenly wakes up. It is something undefined, a feeling that is hardly touchable or noticed by himself or others. It's not sad or happy. It's floating in between, it's almost normal but slightly weird. But it is "Something Real".

I love this close up version of the "Bubblehead" image, that has been floating around a lot of blog sites on the internet. It really shows off the amazing colors and reflections that were all natural and not photoshopped, as that is an actual bubble over my head!

Here is the the two-page spread they printed of the image for the Red Bulletin magazine. I found out about this when a friend in New Zealand said they had seen my face in a magazine half way across the world. This image has traveled more than I have!