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I'm Okay... starring, written, and directed by the many personalities of James C. Stewart

"Quirky and memorable with a hilarious performance from the lead" - One-Reeler Short Film Competition

"Witty and eccentric, the very short film — a clever cinematic version of a one-man show — is capable of entertaining using a single, simple scene, set in one single room with one single actor. The idea of letting the character speak and even discuss with himself, revealing the various forms of his psyche, and driving this to the extreme fiction of many personalities of the same individual arguing with each other, is a winning choice. And the result is hilarious." - Close:Up San Francisco Short Film Festival

Kiwi & Woolly Productions present I'm Okay...

Winner of Best Actor in the Cannes Shorts Film Festival!!! While it is not THE Cannes, it is very nice to be able to say I won a Best Actor award in a festival based in Cannes!

Winner of a Silver Award in the Best Actor in a Comedy category and a Bronze Award in the Best 1st Time Director category in the Best Actor & Director Awards - New York

Winner of an Honorable Mention Award in the Seattle Film Summit

Winner of an Award of Recognition in the Film Short Category, and an Award of Merit in the Actor: Leading Category in the Best Shorts Competition

Winner of a Special Mention Award in the One-Reeler Short Film Competition

Winner of a Special Mention Award in the Global Shorts International Short Film Competition

What happens when you are isolated in a hotel room for two weeks by yourself? James is about to find out! He might think he is okay, but his other personalities have a little something to say about that. 

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Starring, written, and directed by the many personalities of James C. Stewart

Guest Stars: Kiwi & Woolly 

Director of Photography: James C. Stewart (shot on an iPhone 7 Plus) 

Editor for original opening & closing: Ptah Shabaf 

Editor for final opening and closing: Will Earl

Original Music: Thomas Thorogood 

Poster Design: Natasya Yusoff 

Executive Producers: Michelle Blackwell and James C. Stewart 

Shot during mandatory managed isolation at Distinction Hamilton Hotel in New Zealand

No Jameses were harmed during the production of this film

James C. Stewart Reel

Baggage Claim, written by Angela DiMarco & Joshua Earlywine, and directed by Angela DiMarco for Mighty Tripod Productions. I had an absolute blast doing this film. A fun little comedy, with a dash of sci-fi!

Comedic Reel

  Dramatic Reel

Return to Sender, written and directed by Andrew Franks and Ryan Irilli (contains mature content - I walk in on my wife with the mailman!)

Couch Surfer, written and directed by Andrew Lawton for Kinetic Studios. The last film I shot in NYC, involving me as a Kiwi battling lots of Aussies!

The Tower of Babel, written and directed by Ryan Blewett. My second collaboration with Ryan, in a role he specifically wrote for me!

The Wall, written and directed by Tim Chung for SVA. My first film in the United States, and the first time I had ever done a shoot in snow!

T.I.M. written and directed by Alex Hunter for NYU, where I get to play a runaway, robotic man trying to escape his creator by hiding in a boy's bedroom! T.I.M. just wants to be free to live life as a human.

Rob by Khartoum Productions, directed by Niko Kühnel, was winner of the Silver Bear Award at Festival der Nationen, Austria, and 2nd place short film audience award Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing, Germany.